Olaf Lindström

WordPress developer working at Knowit. Enjoys creating WordPress sites for larger clients and creating good workflows in WordPress development/management.

Magnus Jahrl

Magnus has worked with web and e-commerce since the late 90 ‘s. There has working with both his own businesses, working with front end development, selling everything from complete e-commerce solutions to usability, and also helped others to launch their e-business.

Today Magnus works as eCommerce Manager at Securitas in Europe working mainly with WordPress and WooCommerce. The last 5 years, WordPress has been the tool that has been in focus, not only because it is convenient to work with or making it easy to get started with, but especially all the Open Source community around the platform.

Niklas Högefjord

Niklas is a web developer and WordPress addict from Sweden. He is the founder of Krokedil, a WordPress agency focusing on WooCommerce related solutions. Niklas is also organizing the Arvika WordPress Meetup Group, probably one of the smallest WP meetup groups in the world.

Stanislav Khromov

Stanislav is a long-time WordPress developer with a passion for web performance and digital journalism. He has worked with everything from individuals and small companies to large publishing houses. Currently, Stanislav works in the WordPress team at Aftonbladet (Schibsted Media Group), the largest news publication in Sweden.

Peter Elmered

Peter is a web developer and e-commerce consultant at Angry Creative in Norrköping, Sweden, where he creates advanced customised websites and e-commerce solutions using WordPress and WooCommerce. He’s very active in the Swedish WordPress community and loves to help other people and contribute with open source code, both in his own projects and other community projects such as WooCommerce.

Erik Bernskiold

Erik is the Managing Director of Bernskiold Media, a boutique web consultancy. Every day he works with clients around the globe to build viable web solutions to reach real business goals, where his passion lies. Erik combines his over ten years of professional experience in web development with his academic and professional knowledge of economics and psychology to deliver highly tailored and effective solutions that simply put enables businesses to make more money from their websites.

Edmund Turbin

Edmund is a London based Solutions Engineer at WP Engine originally from New York.  He has professional experience as web developer and has been advocating the benefits of content management systems for over 10 years. He has worked with numerous proprietary and open source CMS platforms at media, publishing and advertising companies and has a passion for front end development and development workflows.  Follow him on twitter: @spicecadet

Hans-Helge Bürger

Hans-Helge is a german master student at TU Berlin and is doing his masters in computer science. In University he deals with Machine Learning and Data Science methods to do some data wrangling. Besides university, Hans-Helge is an active member of the germanophone WordPress community and helps organizing WordCamp Berlin.

With Dicentis, Hans-Helge builds a new podcast plugin for CMS centric websites, which use podcasts as marketing instrument and not for primary content. The plugin is still in its early state but keeps improving over time.

Hans-Helge loves to keep a clean work-live-balance and is a passionated singer in a Berlin choir and love to break out into nature for a good hike.

Erik Johansson

I am working as “Lead Architect for Mobile and Open Source Solutions” at Avantime Group, a Stockholm based web consultant firm. The architecture role means that I see a lot of business cases, customer software architectures and infrastructures, frameworks that gives us possibilities and so on and uses all these experiences to bring better solutions and architectures to our customers.

I started as web developer with WordPress in 2009. Right from the start I jumped into other languages, frameworks, content management systems to see what we could learn and evolve the WordPress experience. During these years I’ve constantly been open minded, using as many systems as possible, to be able to bring the best software architect solution to our customer for their business cases.

Miljenko Rebernišak

Miljenko, аs a kid was curious how his electronic toys work, so he disassembled and assembled most of them. At the age of 13, he created his first website. Over the years he continued exploring technology, gaining experience by developing desktop, android and web applications.

Now he works as a software engineer for Devana Technologies – a company behind ManageWP. His daily job at ManageWP includes building infrastructure and applications to automate management of large scale WordPress sites.

Andreas Ek

Andreas is a consultant specialized in web production automation based on open source solutions such as WordPress. His passion is business automation and he has experience from building administrative web solutions for various industries, including education, publishing, and government.

Marko Heijnen

Marko is a long term WordPress contributor from the Netherlands. He runs his own company called CodeKitchen B.V where he build projects for clients but also own products and services. Beside his work on WordPress he also works on GlotPress to build a better open source tool for translations. Almost directly after he started in 2012 he became one of the lead developers. He shares a lot of his knowledge on his blogs at markoheijnen.com and wpunknown.com. Also he shares a lot of he code on his GitHub page and he can be found on Twitter @MarkoHeijnen when you have questions.

Bernhard Kau

Bernhard is a PHP developer living in Berlin, Germany. He is a passionate WordPress user, plugin developer, and community member. He also organizes WordPress events, like Berlin WordPress Meetup.

Milan Ivanovic

Milan is a WordPress enthusiast. He is one of the founders of the WordPress community in Serbia, the organiser of WPSerbia Meetups and also one of two founders of WordCamp Belgrade.

Working as Happiness Engineer in Devana Technologies, on developing themes and supporting ManageWP.

Frontend developer with extensive web development and web design experience. Creating high-end, responsive websites using WordPress.

One of the lecturers and founders of WordPress Academy in Serbia, giving talks and free WordPress Workshops. Member of Theme Review Team. More on: http://lanche86.com

Karin Taliga

Karin is the owner of Invistruct, a Gothenburg based web consultant firm. She has been involved with WordPress since 2008, and is a lead developer of the Thematic theme framework.

Karin is mainly self-taught and addicted to learning. This, combined with her perfectionism, can both be a good and a bad thing. She works hard to ensure it’s the former rather than the latter.

Karin blogs about professional and personal development at the pilcrow.

Franz Vitulli

Franz works as Product Marketing Specialist for Human Made, the WordPress agency – and WordPress.com VIP partner – behind Happytables, WP Remote and BackUpWordPress. He’s responsible for Happytables user support and training, documentation, social updates and other marketing activities.

Originally from Italy, he’s been living in UK for three years. When he’s not in front of his laptop, he’s either playing one of his bass guitars or brewing a good cup of Earl Grey tea. Follow him @franzvitulli.

Christoffer Larsson

Swedish web developer – in love with the Internet. Hacking the web since 1999. Bachelor of science in Media technology and a Master of science in Electronics with focus on web development.

Christoffer is the lead developer of kit.se, a media startup owned by Peder Bonnier, Fredrik Strömberg, Robert Brännström and Bonnier Growth.

Previously he’s been the Lead Developer for WordPress at Aftonbladet and Head of web development at Västerbottens-Kuriren AB.

Jimmy Rosén

Jimmy is a long-time WordPress and Open Source enthusiast with a love for business models. Jimmy runs the WordPress-centric bureau Angry Creative where he acts as a product owner.