Peter Elmered

Niklas Högefjord

Niklas is a web developer and WordPress addict from Sweden. He is the founder of Krokedil, a WordPress agency focusing on WooCommerce related solutions. Niklas is also organizing the Arvika WordPress Meetup Group, probably one of the smallest WP meetup groups in the world

Aloisia Gabat

Stanislav Khromov

Angry Creative

WordPress development bureau Angry Creative. Lots of lolcats and leetspeak.

Jimmy Rosén

Jimmy Rosén is the founder of WordPress development bureau Angry Creative. Jimmy is a long-time Open Source advocate who loves business models, technology and gadgets. Jimmy is an active member of the Swedish WordPress community, having arranged multiple community events.

Olaf Lindström

WordPress developer working at Knowit. Enjoys creating WordPress sites for larger clients and creating good workflows in WordPress development/management.