What to do in Norrköping?

So, youré going to Norrköping for this WordCamp, right? It will be awesome. But if you by some odd chance wanted to do something more besides eating, drinking and talking to like-minded people at the camp, here are some tips for you.

Tip #1: Check out art


My personal favourite in Norrköping is NP33. It is a gallery with some real cool stuff. The place is a 10 minute walk from the central station.

Visit http://www.np33.se/ for directions and see whats up right now.

Norrköpings Konstmuseum

Of course we have an art museum. It is also centrally located near the main street.

Visit http://www.norrkopingskonstmuseum.se/ for directions and see whats up right now.

Tip #2: Go fishing

If you are into fishing, you can do that right in the city centre in the river running trough the city. Salmon is planted every year and there are a bunch of sweet-water fish in there, too. Ivé personally seen people pulling out monster-fish out of the river, so you can most def catch something.

How? Go to the tourist office or visit http://www.cityfiskeinorrkoping.com/ and you can buy a fishing permit.

Tip #3: Walking around

If you’re into walking around Norrköping is great. Walking around the city “Promenaderna” and walking around the river are both great.

Tip #4: Nightlife

There are some cool places to get your groove on in Norrköping.


Kopparhammaren is a cool place. This is most probably where people will go after the official after-party.


Hugo is the alternative to Kopparhammaren. It is closer to the station.


Puls is where you go if you are a bit younger. Just next to Hugo!


Enjoy is a cool place to eat and a great place just to hang out. Not a nightclub really, but a good place to hang out.

Tip #4: Moar foods


Enoteket is real nice Italian food.  You will probably see this place weather you like it or not, since this is where the official afterparty will be hosted. Best pasta in town, no doubt. They also have around 40 different kinds of wine you can buy per glass.

Burgers and Bangers

For the burger enthusiast, Burgers and Bangers is awesome. Pretty popular place though so you might have to wait a while for a table – but be prepared to be amazed!

The Lamp Restaurant

Fancy-pants small dishes. A lot of different small dishes. Great quality.


Real nice atmosphere with a great view and great food.


Nice restaurant AND nightclub? This just keep getting better.


Any more tips for stuff to do? Give us some ideas in the comments!