New Gold sponsor: Angry Creative

Hey Jimmy, Could you introduce yourself in a few words?

I’m Jimmy Rosén. I work as a product owner at Angry Creative. That means that I help clients find and prioritise what creates the greatest value in web projects, and help a group of designers and developers dto eliver this value. My greatest hobby is a sport called Brazilian Jiu-jitsu which I have practised for 10 years now.

Could you tell us more what Angry Creative does?

We build social intranets, marketing websites, e-commerce and web applications using WordPress. A big part of our business is high-quality WordPress maintenance.

We work very hard at being a good fit for medium- and large-sized clients who want Enterprise-grade WordPress solutions, while still maintaining the great bang for the buck that you have in your average freelancer.

We have a maintenance offer that we have put a lot of time, effort and innovation behind and there’s simple noone that comes near us when talking quality of service measured by spent time (and thus cost). I’ll bet anyone a beer in the bar about that! 😉

How does WordPress contribute to what you do?

We wouldn’t be anything without WordPress, really. In the future I hope that we’ll be more people and that we can contribute more to the community. We can only afford to give back a certain %, but with more people that % equals more contribution.

How will WordPress fit in your future business?

WordPress will continue to be the core of our business. The auto-update feature has forced lots of people to think again about weather they need maintenance or not, since it has made lots of sites explode unexpectedly. Stuff like that forces corporations to take action and actually hire someone who manages their website for them. And if you can do great management, you most likely will get the next project. And the next..

What are your hopes for the WordPress community?

I would like to see more people coming to the events! They are the foundation of our shared knowledge and communication. I grow each time I visit an event. Open Source attracts such cool people, and with a good vibe about what we do we can do pretty much anything. I would love to see more Swedish people actually contribution to core and not just talking about it. Maybe something awesome will happen at the contribution day?

What opportunities are you hoping for at this WordCamp?

I plan to persuade some developers and perhaps a designer to come work for us. Also, I might be spotted in the bar drinking free drinks.